About Secure Email and Identity-Based Encryption (IBE)


About Secure Email

Voltage SecureMail protects data inside email and file attachments using Identity-Based Encryption (IBE). To learn more about Voltage SecureMail and IBE, visit Micro Focus.


What is Secure Email?

Voltage SecureMail ensures that your sensitive information is protected and can only be read by you. Your secure email has been encrypted with the leading Identity-Based Encryption technology from Micro Focus. Voltage SecureMail makes secure email easy to use and the Zero Download Messenger enables you to receive, reply to, and initiate secure email without the need to download or install any software.


What is Identity-Based Encryption (IBE)?

Micro Focus uses a breakthrough approach in cryptography known as Identity-Based Encryption (IBE). IBE enables a simple identity, such as an email address, to be used as a public key to facilitate secure communication with any recipient. IBE does not require end-user certificates and thereby eliminates the usability and management problems inherent in traditional PKI-based communication solutions. To learn more about Voltage SecureMail and IBE, visit Micro Focus.


How secure are secure messages?

The secure email is encrypted with the equivalent of a 1024-bit key. It uses the breakthrough Identity-Based Encryption to ensure the privacy of your personal data without compromising ease of use. Each message is also signed by the sender to ensure authenticity of the sender and data integrity of the message. In addition, all decrypted email messages are viewed through your web browser using an SSL/TLS connection.


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